1. Create Your Account

Creating your account in Listadeo is easy, account-listadeowith the login with social networks allows you to access easily, so you will not have the “login / register”. You’ll create ads, ratings, favorites and much more in just a few minutes!

We have even integrated with a Global E-Commerce Platform so that the Social Login and registration process with this Trading Platform is very easy, fast and totally friendly.


2. Post Your Ad

Publishing your ad using Listadeo is listing-how-it-works-listadeosuper simple, we have made it easy to get into the direction of your business or place by using our Google Places Platform that causes you to complete the address of your ad to publish by simply clicking on the compass, the same for the search engine.

Then complete all available fields, title, location, email, region, choose the category or multiple categories, tags, schedules, business or advertisement logo, upload the cover image, photo gallery images, advertisement description, web page , phones, video, social networks and many more options for your ad.

Post your business now


3. Get More Interest From Your Place

This will not be the first time you post to a site from the list of businesses, ads and directories, but it may be the last time. Because with Listadeo you have more than you can want or need.

When you use and publish with Listadeo your site is going to be a total beauty. Let’s be honest. The problem with most directories or business ads, even though they are functional, is that many of them are not very nice. That’s why beauty is so popular, because in Listadeo your ads coincide with great photography, information and fantastic functionality.

That’s what we’ve done with Listadeo.